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Antique Aqua Duct


Great Aqueduct is located in the valley, northwest of Üçtepeler Village. It is one of the impressive art works in Kocaeli.


The scarce vegetation cover reveals the magnificence of the Aqueduct. The either side of great edged arc is laid by big face stones in which a grave stele with inscription belonging to II. or III. Centuries BC is used horizontally. Between the arcs and in the places where water pipes are laid smaller Stones are used.


The range of the great arc under which a stream flows is 7 m 40 cm, lenght is 2 m. 50 cm. When the legs of big stone blocks rose to 7.40 m is closed by a frame with red bricks and white mortar that is 1.20 m in lenght. As the front side of the inscription over the arc was left under the leg of arc only 7 lines can be made out. Edged aqueducts were used frequently in the Otoman Empire. However, as water carriage technique over arc used to be practiced in Roman period there is a possibility that this building may be built in Roman period and repaired by Ottomans.

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