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Ataturk Statue


Ataturk Statue which is the first statue built in Kocaeli during Republic history was built to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of our Republic and Ataturk’s memory. The Ataturk statue, which was placed in the vicinity of the Clock Tower and Saray -a beautiful spot of the city of Izmit-, faces Izmit Gulf and points to the west with the right hand. This statue is having a noble appearance with marshall uniform and cloak draping down from his shoulders to his boots also gains more heroic expression with the height on which it was situated.


Base of the bronze statue built by Turkish sculpture Nejat Sirel was made massive from White Marmara marble. Izmit Ataturk Statue built with the efforts of Kocaeli Province and izmit dwellers was built in 1933 when Ataturk was alive. During his train trips between İstanbul and Ankara, upon having seen the Statue built by izmit people for him, Ataturk expressed his pleasure and thanked to Izmit people. Ataturk Statue whose maintenance had not been made for 75 years was restored by being faithful to its original structure by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with the permission of the Regional Council for Protection of Cultural and Natural Havings.

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