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Çalık Ahmet Aga (Mansion) Mosque


Mosque, on Sahabettin Bilgesu Street in Omeraga Neighborhood, was built at the beginning of the 18th century. Mosque, ruined due to 1766 earthquake, after that it was rebuilt as roofed afterwards. Mosque getting its last shape after 1894 earthquake, was renewed by considering old architectural features except for its dimensions after the year 1999.


At the north of the rectangular planned mosque, there is a closed narthex. Except the North frontal of the mosque, other frontals were arranged one storied. Other than square spaced upper storey windows at the North frontal, all windows have long, edged arched feature. Shrine at the south frontal is protuberant. The mosque has not a minaret today.


The mosque getting its last shape at the end of the 19th century, repeats general design feature of Izmit mosques with its wooden internal dome. On the other hand, the cone of the old minaret of the mosque which reminds Neo-Gothic style, is orientalist style.

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