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Canfeda Hatun Fountain


Fountain was built by Canfeda Kethuda Hatun at Orhan quarter against the Orhan Mosque (Ghazi Suleyman Pahsa Mosque), in the place called by her name and to sustain it she left some real properties. Later on the fountain has gone through a repair and decorated with a rectangular inscription on which there are the dates of 1242 (in Mohammedan Calendar) and 1826 (in Gregorian calendar). In the inscription it is read that the fountain was repaired by Su'ada, master of treasurer, on the order of sultan Mahmud II in 1826.


Face Stone and marble materials were used in construction of the fountain which is in the rectangular form. It has a panel mede of marble. Ornaments made by carving technique are placed over the panel. The name of “Kethuda” used to give to the servants in the period of Otoman Empire who serves to the married daughters of sultans and crown princes ( Kethuda: A servant who is charged with management of an estate. It is also a title giving to the president or vice president or responsible of a civil or military organizations. Information about when Canfeda Kadın is lived an dehan the fountain is made is not clear. According to the historical sources a Canfeda Kadın lived in the the reign of Murad III (1574-1595). She was the kethuda of the harem and concubine of Nurbanu Valide Sultan. She was a beneficient lady.

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