Izmit-Nicomedia Cultural Tour
Izmit-Nicomedia Cultural Tour

Izmit dating back to ancient times is a place on which different kinds of civilizations have reigned. As a city Izmit possessing is continuous history for 2.300 years still preserves surviving ancient monuments and historical places from Byzantium, Roman, Ottoman and Turkish republic times.

In ancient times, Nicomedia was the capital of the Roman Empire for half a century, and it is a metropolis where the first edicts of tolerance in the world were issued.

The Nicomedia ancient theater which was built in the 300s is waiting to be brought to light on the most beautiful slope of Izmit today.

Having been home to various civilizations in its 3000 year history, and with priceless items excavated from the area, The Izmit Archaeology and Ethnography Museum has more than 5000 pieces on display, with something of interest for every visitor. The museum is located in a train station complex, and has items from the Paleolithic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras displayed in indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

The Pertev Mehmet Pasha Mosque one of the most valuable and exceptional mosque built by Mimar Sinan in Izmit which was built in the 16th century.

Izmit Clock Tower is the symbolic landmark of the city. It stands in one of the finest locations in the city overlooking the Gulf of Izmit.

With a 3000 year history, there are more than 500 historical landmarks in city of Izmit.

Visit Izmit to see museums, mansions, mosques, fountains and Roman ruins with different architectural features and historical backgrounds.

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