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Gayret Ship Museum


At the end of the Second World War, the ship that was built on 10 May 1946 by USA and was given the name USA Everson, after participating in Korea and Vietnam wars, was purchased by Turkey, on 11 July 1973, and after visiting Panama, Puerto Rico, the Azores and ports in Spain, has joined Turkish Fleet Command, and has taken the name TCG Gayret. TCG Gayret Ship which has participated in many military exercises between 1975-1995, was taken out of service on May 5th, 1995 and was taken under safeguard in Poyraz Port. Gayret, was taken into service again 1 year after leaving service, in 1995 for a 'Museum ship project'. Gayret War Ship which was decorated as a fully equipped museum with the joint work of Governor's office, Metropolitan Museum and Fleet Command, has started service as TCG Gayret Museum on August 20th 1997. Gayret War Ship, with its new duty, endears especially the young people to like seamanship. The ship which was turned into an art gallery and a museum in 1997 by Golcuk Fleet command, Kocaeli Governor's Office and Metropolitan Municipality Mayor's Office, after completion of the renovation work, was brought in front of Izmit Terminal on August 13th 1997. Inside the Gayret War Ship, which is the pride of izmit, there are open and closed cafeterias in addition to the museum and exhibition centers. Gayret Destroyer which served Turkish Fleet Command for almost 22 years with honor, is displayed next to Izmit Sailing Club as a museum ship. Gayret Destroyer, after its expeditions in tempestuous oceans, has put its signature under an incredible record in the port it is peacefully anchored. The ship was visited by 160 thousand people in the last four years. In Gayret, our country's first museum ship which accepts visitors every day in izmit Marina visitors are able to see many systems and characteristics that are required in a war ship.


In Gayret, war operations center, machine and boiler rooms, navigating house, radar, weapon systems that are out of operation, cannonballs, underwater weapons are included. Ship's dorms are currently used as exhibition lounges. Visitors can tour the ship accompanied by a guide, that has become the focus of attention wit its interior decoration and appearance from the day it has gone into service as a museum.

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