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Izmit Gazi High School


It was constructed between 1885 - 1886 by completing the front section of an old Turkish graveyard and started providing education as High School (Mekteb-i İdadi ) between 1886-1887. It was organized as a secondary education institution in the beginning of 1922 and was turned into a primary school due to lack of adequate number of students. It was repaired once more in 1931 and turned into a high school. It started its services as a Lycee on October 31st 1945. Wooden building was converted into concrete between 1956-1959.


Middle education part was separated in 1965 and the building continued as Central middle school. It started providing education as of 1993-1994 as Gazi High School.


The building which was damaged severely in the earthquake of August 17th 1999, was in a condition that can not be used, and it was destroyed once more in 2001 and the construction of today's building with 16 classrooms started. The school that was constructed once more, according to its old architecture, started education and training on September 15th 2003.

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