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Izmit Palace


Izmit Palace, Kasr-ı Hûmayun, and with its other name hunting seat of Sultan Abdülaziz, is located in the North of the railroad, next to Clock Tower. Kasr-ı Hümayun which was built with the order of Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz in 19th century, to architect Garabet Amira Balyan attracts attention with its neoclassical, baroque and classical Ottoman art styles characteristics. It is located on the hill next to the Clock Tower. In time it took names such as Kasr-ı Hümayun, Hunting Seat Hünkâr Kasrı, izmit Palace, izmit Manor, Sultan Palace, Small Palace. The manor was built in baroque style with two floors, and its façade is surrounded by marble columns. In order to provide adequate lighting inside, its arched windows prepared in slim, long and round form, marble workmanship, and adornments on the ceiling are glaringly beautiful. Over the Windows at the entrance, rose adornments were included. This building that was constructed with the order of Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz, has become famous with the press conference organized by Atatürk during independence war with domestic and foreign press. Atatürk, came to Geyve before the Grand Victory, in order to audit Kocaeli Group, on June 16th 1922 by means of Beypazarı, Nallıhan, Göynük road and spent the night in the house of the Mayor Rasim Bey (Turhan).
















Next day, after meeting Geyve people, he came to Adapazarı, was the guest of Major Baha Bey who was the President for Military Branch, has met his mother Zübeyde Hanım and son and mother fulfilled their longing for each other. Atatürk, after spending that night with his mother, moved to izmit next day, on June 18th 1922. Atatürk, was met with the frenzied display of joy of izmit people that day.


Meeting of Atatürk-Claude Farrere in izmit is an important event of our National Struggle history. With this meeting both an important event happened in history and also Turkish National Struggle was reşected to Western public opinion objectively. Atatürk, came to izmit once again after Grand Victory, on January 16th 1923. Some of the editors of the newspapers in Istanbul wanted to meet Atatürk for a long time. Upon these requests Atatürk, decided to hold a press conference in izmit. He came straight to Kasr-ı Hümayun, made ready just for him.


After dinner press conference started. Conference continued after midnight to three o'clock next morning of January 17th 1923. izmit Palace where Atatürk stayed as a guest, as used as a mansion for the Governor's Office, in the period of Republic. In teh mansion there were some official offices together with the Governor's Office. However, by taking into consideration the architectural and artistic value of the Mansion, later on it was decided to turn the Mansion into a museum. On the upper floor Atatürk's bedroom was re-organized. Lower floor was reserved for archeological art work. The building opened its doors as a museum in June 1967. The building has two floors, constructed in baroque style, its façade is surrounded by marble columns, with high artistic value. With its marble workmanship, ceiling adornments , many columns it gives the impression of a small and beautiful copy of Dolmabahçe Palace. It is an historically important palace since it is outside Istanbul and one of the few ones that survived until today. This valuable building was heavily damaged in the Marmara earthquake, on August 17th 1999, and was renovated by Kocaeli Governor's Office in 2005. İzmit Palace where the founder of our State Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, assessed Independence War together with journalists-authors and intellectuals of the period on January 16th 1923 after the completion of renovation by the Governor's Office, has opened its doors on January 16th 2006, to the service of our people, on 'Press Honor Day. In the building there are sections such as Atatürk room, protocol room, palace museum, bathroom and hammam.

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