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Kapanca Street


Izmit, is a city that attracts attention with its traditional houses constructed with Turkish architecture for residences. Kapanca Street located in Kocaeli is of utmost importance from the point of traditional residential architecture. Many buildings in this street have succeeded in reaching our day with their characteristics unique to the period they belong. Most of the old houses in Izmit today, are houses constructed in 19. and 20. Century. In Kapanca Street where these houses are located and its near vicinity, there are 32 buldings that need to be protected. Houses located in Kapanca Street, are repaired by staying faithful to the materials used in the period they were constructed.


Basic construction material of Izmit houses are stone, adobe, tile and wood. Mud mixture with adding chaff and iron are used as additional material. Landscaping that is an inseparable part of Ottoman - Turkish houses, are also seen in traditional Izmit houses. Houses are generally built as two floors. Ground floors are prepared depending on the needs of winter season. While Stone materials are used mostly on ground floors, on other floors wood and adobe are used. Rooms are living units that provide the basic needs of people with their multi functional characteristics. Historical, geographical, cultural and religious factors have also largely affected the formation of Izmit residential architecture.

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