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Kefken Beaches

Kefken is the most developed among the coastal settlements of the Kandıra district. It is 20 km from Kandıra town center and 60 km from Izmit.

Kefken is a holiday and fishing resort with the perfect harmony of blue and green. It is surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Black Sea on one side and pine forests on the other.

The uniquely beautiful Pink Rocks in Kefken are one of the places where guests cannot go without stopping by.

In Kefken, while tourism comes to the fore in summer, fishing comes to the fore in winter. You can find the freshest fish of the Black Sea at Kefken Harbor in winter season.

Kefken Beach.jpg
Kefken Port.jpg

Trekking Tracks

Çınarlı Dere Trekking 01.jpg
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