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Kerpe Beaches

Kerpe is a touristic town on the Black Sea coast, connected to the Kıncıllı Village of the Kandıra district of Kocaeli. It is a seaside resort 10 km from Kandıra and 50 km from Izmit.

Kerpe is one of the popular travel routes of holidaymakers, preferred for summer holidays in the Marmara region. While you have a pleasant holiday in Kerpe with its clean sea, beaches and nature, you can also discover the beauties of the environment.

In summer period, it becomes a new tourist attraction with its beaches and rocks.

Magnificent to watch the sunrise and sunset in Kerpe.

Kerpe Beach.jpg
Kerpe Rocks.jpg

Trekking Tracks

Çınarlı Dere Trekking 01.jpg
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