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Mehmet Bey Bath (Orta Bath)


Orta Bath built in 16th century are one of the Works having built by Mehmet Bey, constructive of Mehmet Bey Mosque named as Fevziye Mosque, in order to yield money to the mosque. Bath known as Mehmet Bey bath and Orta Bath is on the Fethiye street, the busiest Street of Izmit today. Because of resemblance of this bath, single one, to Pertev Paşa Bath, double one, with regard to plan and technical aspects, it has been expressed that this bath may have been built during the building of Pertev Paşa social complex by Mimar Sinan.


The bath constitutes of cold section, warm section and hot section. Cold section is combination of debris and masonry and a wooden roof covers it. Warm section is rectangular planned and dome-covered and has three sections. Inside of domed hot section, there is a hexagon navel stone. On the other hand privacy rooms are situated on the corners of hot section. Two rooms at the east side of bathing rooms are bigger than others.

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