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Old Train Station



Due to its location on Silk Road, Izmit, was an important transportation cross section in history, therefore hosted many civilizations. With the developments in technological era, camel caravans were replaced by trains. With the industrial leap that started fast with the Industrial Revolution in 19th Century in the world, also forced the development of fast and economical transportation means as a condition parallel to developments. Therefore rail systems that were used in coal mines earlier, developed fast and the foundations of the contemporary trends were laid.


When all corners of the world were woven with iron network, the period's Ottoman State was not indifferent to the Industrial State, with the factories it established, the state entered into competition with the Western Countries. Hereke weaving factory established in this period, Yıldız Porcelain Factories, numerous factories and ship building yards established in istanbul, around Halic attracts attention. At the same time the Sultan, 2nd Abdulhamit of the period has started a serious enterprise in transportation and railway construction work has started between Kocaeli, one of the most important port and trade cities of the country and the capital of the period, istanbul. Strategic cooperation between Ottoman State and German Empire was also reflected to transportation sector.


Construction of the 91 kilometer railway line that extended from istanbul Haydarpasa to Izmit, started on August 4th 1871. Technical equipment related to the project was obtained from Germany. Railway line Hat was constructed by Germans.


On August 1st 1873 railway line reached izmit. Later on this line, assumed the name of istanbul-Baghdad Railway, later on istanbul-Hedjaz Railway Line and uninterrupted access of a train leaving from istanbul to sacred land was provided.






















German Emporor Kaiser II who visited Turkey for the opening of the railway, was accommodated in the manor house built for him from wood without using even a single nail, in Hereke, and which today still carries his name.


With the opening of izmit train station, at first stage reaching of the raw material coming from Anatolia to istanbul in a shorter time was aimed, and additionally, by moving the busy traffic of the ports of Istanbul to the ports in izmit Gulf, transportation of the goods coming from the sea to istanbul was provided in the shortest possible time.


With this objective Izmit trains station was built in quite an extensive way, in different years. Izmit Train Stations and the surrounding buildings were built in time when need arose. The oldest structure among these buildings, is the section on ground floor of the passenger lounge. Plans of Izmit Trains Station were drawn by German Architecture Otto Ritter. Structure was build in neoclassical style. The station became a witness to the welcoming ceremonies of many statesman, mainly Ataturk.

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