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Portakal Hafız Mansion


It is a mansion that belonged to Hafız Ruştu Efendi, who participated in the Ottoman Parliaments as the izmit deputy. The people gave the nickname “Portakal Hafız” (Orange Hafız) to Hafız Ruştu Efendi, because of his round face, and this mansion he possessed was named “Portakal Hafız Mansion” as a result.


The structure, which displays many features of 19th century Turkish residence architecture was built in two storeys with masonry construction technique. The mansion has a layout plan with an inner anteroom and consists of the anteroom in the middle and other rooms surrounding it. Windows of the room with rectangular form reflect the traditional features of Izmit houses. One of the most striking features of the mansion is its wide eaves. This application, which can especially be seen in the traditional houses in Black Sea region was also applied in the traditional Izmir houses. French journalist-writer Claude Farrare stayed in Portakal Hafız Mansion when he came to izmit to meet Mustafa Kemal in 1922.


This mansion, a historical treasury which was destroyed in fire, was included in the scope of a restoration in accordance with its historical texture by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

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