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Reserve Officer Department


Reserve Officer Department is a military building built in 1863 in Kemalpaşa Neighborhood by the order of Hasan Pasha, izmit Sanjak Governor, did not lose any of its significance with the passage of time, it even became more valuable in terms of architecture.


In the Reserve Officer Department, built in the Ottoman Empire period for the purpose of using reserve officers in second ampere style, half-stone barracks type, a balcony over the entrance, columns of which are effused outwards draws attention. The Ottoman Signature and emblem in the top part of the balcony are some of the most important elements of the building The corridors that extend through the building with rectangular plan after the entrance and many building surrounding these is an important feature of the building stemming from the fact that it was built for barracks purposes. Rectangular windows are lined up in all of the building and in both şoors along the facade. Indoors ceilings of the Reserve Officer Department are decorated with 19th century adornment motifs. Although it was built as a military structure, the spiritual richness of and great importance attached to art by the Turkish people of the era draws attention in these adornments.

















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