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Saatci Ali Efendi Mansion


The former Ethnography Museum, or with its other known name, 'Saatci Ali Efendi Mansion', was built in 1774 on a slope overlooking the sea in Veli Ahmet Neighborhood, Alaca Mescit Ramp. It is one of the earliest mansions of Izmit that could survive until today. In the sense that it reflects the pleasure and family privacy concepts of Turkish architecture, it has a special historical and cultural importance. In the mansion, built with a view of Izmit Bay, leaded, arched windows withdouble glass, wooden shutters, dies and guardrails attract attention. With its hand-carved decoration on the outer and inner walls, the mansion is one of the examples of civilian architecture that reşects its period best. Since mansions so beautiful that could preserve their historical texture are very rare now, the mansion is an important heritage cultural history. This precious work, built in the same period as the Cakir Aga Mansion in Izmir Odemis, is one of the masterpieces of Turkish Civilian Architecture examples that could survive until today. The two- storey mansion includes main sections such as the main room, dining room, bridal chamber. It was built in 1774 in the period of Abdulhamit I by Gumusluoğlu family from the notables of Izmit.

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