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Yahya Captain Mausoleum


Yahya Captain is a national hero who organized movements of the National Forces in the Kocaeli region during the War of Independence. Ataturk speaks highly of him in his famous Great Address. He came to Istanbul after the Balkan War and joined the Secret Service. After this, he took active duty in sabotages against Serbs and the campaign of Halil Pasha in the Iraq front.


After the end of World War I, he took a role in the struggle with Committee of Union and Progress members and kept the Kocaeli Peninsula ensuring transfer of materials and people to Anatolia in the Communications group of Committee of Union and Progress members. He ensured communication between Istanbul and Anatolia from here and made great contributions to driving the enemy out of the country. Yahya Captain was martyrized on 8 January 1920 in Tavşancıl, where he lived, while he was just 29 years old. A mausoleum was built in the name of Yahya captain with the decree of M.K. Ataturk, who was deeply affected by his murder; however, this mausoleum was demolished later, at a date that can be considered recent. At the moment, it features the gravestone rebuilt later.

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