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   Çene Mountain Trekking Track   


Walking distance: 10 kilometers


Walking time: 4 hours


Difficulty level: Easy


Water passage: No


Suitable season: 4 seasons


Herb Species: Pine forests


Distance to Istanbul: 80 kilometers


Distance to Izmit: 15 kilometers



You can go to the Sopalı neighborhood of Derince district by exiting the bay exit of the Izmit tem highway. The facilities belonging to Derince municipality, located in the northeast of the Sopalı neighborhood where it meets the forest, are the starting point of the track.


Route Information

Located within the boundaries of Kocaeli's Derince district, Çene Mountain is famous for its water source. Chin water comes out of this mountain. The spring is in the middle of the walking track and the only drinking water on the track is here. The dirt road is followed by passing through the valley on the right next to the municipality facilities. A dam will be seen to collect water for the city. Continuing on the right, the path through the forest is entered. With a gentle climb of 2 hours, you reach the source of the jaw water. The summit of Chin Mountain is on the left side of the exit direction. Trekking teams should fill their water flasks here. The summit is reached by following the path leading to the mountain over the source. The mountain of Chin, which dominates the entire bay, is 646 meters high. We can return to our starting point again through the secrets on the right side of the mountain.

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