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Izmit Museum Of Archelogy And Ethnography


Having embraced a lot of civilization during its 5 thousand years history with its land blowing invaluable historical treasures, the 5250 works exhibited in Izmit Archeology and Ethnography Museum fascinate everybody.


After completion of restoration works at the year 2004, Archeology and Ethnography Museum within the Historical Station Buildings complex area openning its gate to the visitors at the beginning of the year 2007 has conference room with the capacity of 130 people, along with exhibition halls. Part of works are exhibited in the building, a part of them are exhibited in the museum garden provided with a large scale of security precautions. The building in the museum field and used as hangar formerly has been transformed into underwater archeology museum to be used as exhibition hall at the same time. Another building has been arranged as a laboratory to be used for examination of historical works. A part of old railroad in front of the station buildings has been preserved, an original locomotive and two wagons have been put on this railroad in order to be used as cafeteria and restaurant.




















Repair Atelier, Water Depot, Dwelling Building are in the field of Archeology and Ethnography Museum. Two Tekel Depots have been combined (for Archeological and Ethnographical works) and exhibition halls have been arranged. Works pertaining to Paleolithic, Hellenistic, Roma, Byzantine and Ottoman periods are exhibited in Archeology and Ethnography Museum.

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