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   Aytepe Trekking Track  


Walking distance: 15 kilometers


Walking time: 4 hours


Difficulty level: Easy


Water passage: No


Suitable Season: 4 seasons


Drinking water in the region: There are clean water sources at many points.


Herb Species: Woodland, beech, hornbeam, pine


Distance to Istanbul: 135 kilometers


Distance to Izmit: 25 kilometers



Take the west exit of the Izmit TEM highway and go in the direction of Bursa. When you come to Yuvacık town, turn towards the village. After passing the Yuvacık dam, you reach the village of Servetiye Mosque. The road is followed until Aytepe.


Route Information

Yuvacık is a camping and hiking area about a thousand meters above sea level, where beech, hornbeam, pine trees and many plant species live together, 25 kilometers from the center of Aytepe. We can say that it is the mountain trekking center of Kocaeli and Marmara regions. There are hiking trails where many people can walk without any problems. It would not be wrong to say that water gushes from everywhere in this region. You can start the walk in the village or preferably in the forest area. After a half-hour descent, you arrive at the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's water reservoir. This area is called Cold Water, and the Veysel Candan cave, which you can enter with the appropriate equipment, is also here. This track, which does not have many ups and downs, continues by entering the canyon from an old dirt road. The route, which includes Beşkayalar National Park, runs parallel to Soğukdere and Kirazdere. Preferably, you can go down the creek from Beşkayalar National Park and go through the creek. In such a case, the conditions of the route change. Winter and autumn months are the most beautiful times of Aytepe. Aytepe track should be the first place to be preferred for those who are just starting out on nature walks. The walking route, which lasts 4 hours in total and is 15 kilometers, is easy for all age groups to walk. There are trout farms at the end of the track. You should definitely not go home without having a meal in one of these.

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