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   Cold Stream Canyon Trekking Track   


Walking distance: 10 kilometers


Walking time: 5 hours


Difficulty level: Hard


Water passage: All water selection


Suitable Season: Summer


Drinking water in the region: There are plenty of clean water sources.


Herb Species: Rocky area, beech, hornbeam


Distance to Istanbul: 130 kilometers


Distance to Izmit: 30 kilometers



Take the western exit of the Izmit TEM highway and go in the direction of Bursa. When you come to Yuvacık neighborhood of Başiskelesi district, turn towards the village. If you want to enter the track from above after passing the Yuvacık dam, you should go to the cold water of Aytepe. If you want to enter from below, you must enter from Beşkayalar national park.


Route Information

You can reach the Soğuk Dere canyon, which is connected to the Başiskele district of Kocaeli province, via the Yuvacık neighborhood. It starts in front of the metropolitan water reservoir in Aytepe. Following the stream, one enters the canyon. It is one of the difficult walking areas within the borders of Kocaeli. The marching team should take precautions for safety. Helmets should be worn against slips and falls. It is not possible to walk in the canyon without getting wet. Those who are going to walk should definitely bring spare clothes. It is necessary to choose the team well on the track where rope crossings are also included. There are canyon walls that reach 200 meters from time to time. The track with waterfalls and ponds is visually rich. You can exit the canyon from Beşkayalar National Park.

Soğuk Dere Trekking 01.jpg
Soğuk Dere Trekking 02.jpg
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