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Abdusselam Imaret Mosque


Abdusselam Mosque, in Kemalpaşa neighborhood, was built at the beginning of 16th century. On the inscription (H. 1289/D. 1872-1873) situated at the north side of the mosque above the window was written that the mosque was restored by Hatice Firdevs Hanım. In Tezkiret ul-bunyan and Tezkiret ul-ebniye, restoration of the mosque (built at the beginning of the 16th century) at the same century by Mimar Sinan was mentioned. On a document found in 1863 relating to the restoration of it, the restoration carried out by Asador Kalfa was mentioned.


Rectangle part spanning outwardly at the middle of the east part of the mosque was added during the restoration carried out in 19th century. With the narthex broadened at the north with the late dated addition, the mosque becomes partially (T) planned vision. Before 1999 earthquake, brick minaret at the northwest was determined as original. Rather than general of the mosque, the part added to the east of the mosque where round arched door and window spaces exists and internal dome reflects the characteristics of 19th century.

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