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   Rock Top Plateau Trekking Track   


Walking distance: 15 kilometers


Walking time: 5 hours


Difficulty level: Easy


Water passage: No


Suitable season: Spring, Summer, Autumn - In the heavy snow in winter, climbers can walk.


Herb Species: Beech, oak trees, rhododendron


Distance to Istanbul: 130 kilometers


Distance to the center: 35 kilometers



Take the eastern exit of the Izmit tem highway and enter the Bursa road. Turn towards Yuvacık district, to Yuvacık dam. The starting point of the walk is Tepecik village.


Route Information

It starts from Tepecik Village of Kocaeli Başiskele district. The hiking trail consists of a dirt road in the forest and paths. This road is also a dirt vehicle road going to İnönü plateau. Two kilometers after the start of the track, there is a fire road junction to the left. If desired, it is possible to go to the rocky area formed by the herringbone, right and left steep slopes with a height of 900 meters, which is referred to as bare rock on the maps, on the condition of returning again. It has a very beautiful view here. Rock Top Plateau is the rocky area just above the Tepecik village and the plateau just behind it. The hiking trail rises first, then tends to descend. The plateau is a very beautiful camping area. It has a view that dominates the region.

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