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Suleyman Pasha Turkish Bath


The Suleyman Pasha Turkish Bath, located in Yukarı Pazar neighborhood, the oldest commerce center of izmit is a continuation of this broad culture that reflects on today.



















The Suleyman Pasha Turkish Bath was built by Crown Prince Suleyman, who also had Orhan Gazi Mosque built. It is in the form of a double Turkish bath, which has separate sections for men and ladies. The birth date of Suleyman Pasha, who built the Turkish bath is not exactly known, but some data suggest that he was born is 1316. He is the son of Orhan Gazi. His mother is Nilufer Hatun. His first duty was the administration of Gerede. He participated in the conquest of iznik in 1330 and of izmit in 1337. İzmit and the vicinity was given to him as fiefdom by his father.


Suleyman Pasha Turkish bath is the earliest built Ottoman era Turkish bath structure of izmit that remains standing. Right of using the Turkish bath for social and cultural purposes was received by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with a protocol signed with Foundations General Directorate. 

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