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Yanık Stream Trekking Track















Walking Distance: 10 kilometers


Walking Time: 4 hours


Difficulty Level: Medium


Water Passage: Yes


Suitable season: spring, summer, autumn


Herb Spicies: Woodland, beech, chestnut, linden, dense bikri


Distance to Istanbul: 130 kilometers


Distance to Izmit: 22 kilometers



On the Sapanca road, at the exit of Maşukiye


Route Information

Sakarya is one of the streams originating from the skirts of Kartepe, which is the extension of the Samanlı Mountains of Yanıkdere, which is located on the border of Kocaeli and takes its name from the village where it is located, and pours into Sapanca Lake. We start walking in front of the stone quarries in Yanıkdere Village, take a walk through the forest for one and a half hours using the broken tractor road, and go downhill to a narrow valley to the creek bed. We return to the village after a difficult but pleasant creek walk.


Burn creek route can be made from stream or forest, depending on the group, if desired. When going from the stream, attention should be paid to the slippery, mossy and sharp stones in the water. It is impossible not to get wet on this route where frequent stream crossings are made. For this reason, spare clothes and shoes must be kept. The difficulty of the route can be changed at will. The return can be made from a different route, or if the group is good, the walk can be finished on Separate planet. If the march is to be completed on the separate planet, it must be decided beforehand and the vehicle must pick up the participants from this point.

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